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As a professional precision machining manufacturer,Schontek specialize in providing precision parts machining,5-axis parts machining,complex parts machining,Invar alloy parts machining,Titanium alloy parts machining,Engineering plastics parts machining,Non-standard parts machining for medical,semiconductor,energy,auto,communication,and some other areas.We can also provide one-stop modular assembly service.
With years of technical accumulation,we have rich experience in precision machining and surface treatment for titanium alloy,Invar alloy and engineering plastic.
In order to providing better quality,we introduce Germany DMG 5-axis, 4-axis ,3-axis machining center,and CNC lather ,grinding machine.milling machine,drilling machine,wire cutting and other high precision production equipment.
We also have high-end testing equipment including Germany ZESSI Contura G2,VMC 432,Height Gauge, Hardness tester,roughness tester,Coating tester,HRC hardness tester,ect.

Schontek Machining

With more than 20 CNC machines, Schontek Machining will find the best solution for your machined product or assembly needs. Our eight machining centers have a size range up to 50” x 26” x 25” and four lathes range to 39” OD x 39” long. We hold tight toler

Schontek Fabrication

Customized fabrication of sheet metal and frame products. Schontek cuts, forms, fabricates and welds carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We offer completely segregated stainless-steel processing to prevent contamination of our stainless work. Our focus is small to medium run batch sizes of sheet metal and tubu……

Schontek Processes

Schontek also can support multiple secondary processes: Painting, Coating, Pad Printing, Anode, Electrophoresis ,Silk-screen, brushed finish,laser etching, To povide individual requirements on LOGO, surface protecting for special fields, and various colors available option...

Schontek Site

Schontek has a factory located in Shenzhen . This site focuses on low to medium volume production and offers high quality products to exact specifications in markets such as; Medical, Security, Aerospace, NDT and others.

Concept Development

In 40 years, we’ve learned a lot. When other suppliers dropped out and left their users stranded, we put your needs front and center. Structuring our business for longevity and total solutions.