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As a professional precision machining manufacturer,Schontek specialize in providing precision parts machining,5-axis parts machining,complex parts machining,Invar alloy parts machining,Titanium alloy parts machining,Engineering plastics parts machining,Non-standard parts machining for medical,  semiconductor,energy,auto,communication,and some other areas.We can also provide one-stop modular assembly service.
With years of technical accumulation,we have rich experience in precision machining and surface treatment for titanium alloy,Invar alloy and engineering plastic.
In order to providing better quality,we introduce Germany DMG 5-axis, 4-axis ,3-axis machining center,and CNC lather ,grinding machine.milling machine,drilling machine,wire cutting and other high precision production equipment.
We also have high-end testing equipment including Germany ZESSI Contura G2,VMC 432,Height Gauge, Hardness tester,roughness tester,Coating tester,HRC hardness tester,ect.
Schontek obtained ISO 9001 international certification and ISO 13485 international medical certification.
First-class management technical team ,high-end production equipment,precision testing machines,prefect ISO management system,and the craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best allow us to provide the best quality and the best services.
Hope our sincere service could win you trust and support!

Markets & industries

Medical X-Ray & CT Nuclear Medicine & PET Radiation Therapy Nuclear Power Security NDT Aerospace Explosive Research


Most metals are malleable and ductile. In addition, two or more metals can be alloyed to create materials with properties that do not exist in a pure metal. All metals can be classified as either ferrous or non-ferrous. All ferrous metals are magnetic and have poor corrosion resistance, while non-ferrous metals are typ……

Our Values

We pay careful attention to detail, looking for ways to improve on activities done in the past and challenging conventions and thinking outside of the box in all areas of the business. Schontek committed to putting all our efforts into every task we undertake, and making sure that we strive for perfection. Innovation a……

In 40 years, we’ve learned a lot. When other suppliers dropped out and left their users stranded, we put your needs front and center. Structuring our business for longevity and total solutions.