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Our Values
Quality & Innovation

We pay careful attention to detail, looking for ways to improve on activities done in the past and challenging conventions and thinking outside of the box in all areas of the business. Schontek committed to putting all our efforts into every task we undertake, and making sure that we strive for perfection. Innovation allows us to reframe problems and see solutions that others may not see. It is the way we continuously improve



Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and the catalyst for our continuing development. As we pursue long-term growth, we will adhere to implement a development model that is in balance and harmony with nature,society and the economy. Correspondingly, we will strive to continuously explore and advance efforts that facilitate environmental protection, technological breakthroughs, employee development and community welfare.We have devised social responsibility and sustainability policies and guidelines that focus on Governance & Operational

Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility and Social Responsibility. By integrating these policies and guidelines into our daily operations, we are able to build a stronger company, reduce risk and enhance our social value through commercial activities that are sustainable and ethical.

Our Values